Saturday, February 03, 2007

The rest of the view...

After yesterday's post, some of you wrote to me and oohed and aahed about our view. So I thought I'd show you the rest of the view, which segues into a post on laundry (bear with me...).

These are some of my favorites... after a snow storm, and a winter sunset. Spectacular, aren't they?

But these photos don't tell the whole story. They were taken from our balcony. But if I back up a bit with my camera... there in the foreground of the breathtaking scenery, you'll find...
our laundry.

That's's hanging on a drying rack, smack dab in the middle of the view. "Why does she hang her clothes out to dry?" you might ask. Because we don't have a clothes dryer, and neither does 99% of the Italian population. Electricity is outrageously expensive here, and dryers use up too much energy.

I can hear your next question: "It's not like there's always laundry out on the balcony, right?"

3 children + 1 Italian washing machine= me as a perpetual laundress

Here's why...
This is the opening to my washing hand is in the photo to give you an idea of how small it is. And no, I don't have gigantic hands--they're normal-sized. Try cramming a bedspread in ain't easy.

And here's my 13-month-old son in front of the machine. And no, he's not a gigantic 13-month-old...he's regular-sized.

So if anyone was feeling a bit envious after yesterday's post of the view from my window, I hope today's post has made you feel better. In fact, let's designate today as National American Washing Machine and Dryer Appreciation Day. Go ahead--put 10 pairs of jeans, 20 towels and 50 shirts in your washing machine, then pop them in your dryer, and have them come out soft and fluffy.

Sigh. I think I'll go now and stand at my window...


olmue said...

I think I have the matching set of clothes racks and washer!

When I was looking for some socks today (because I went a whole two days without doing laundry, and you can only imagine what that means), I found a pair tucked at the very back of my drawer. I could tell I'd never worn them in Germany, because they were so soft! I was really sad to put them in the laundry basket at the end of the day, because the next time I pull them out of the drawer, they're going to feel like they're made of wood, just like the rest of my clothes.

I love Germany, but when I get back to the States, I'm getting the biggest washer and dryer I can find!!

Alison Ashley Formento said...

Argh! I'd never have my laundry done--never do now with a lovely pair of Maytags, big and useful.

Thanks for the "rest of the view"--I've just done all the tourist spot: Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan, but yearn to see those again and more of lovely Italy.

Anonymous said...

Wow Natalie!! Loved your post, if not your washing machine :)

And your little one is adorable!


Christy Lenzi said...

Oh my! Are the other appliances (like refridgerator) small as well?

TinaFerraro said...

Aaah...doing laundry in Italy...I know it well! The first time we visited our house in Udine, the kids were 3 mos., 3 and 6. I did laundry every waking moment. No joke. The last thing I did at night was put laundry on the line to get the first morning sun, and the first thing I did--before the cappuccino--was to grab the dry stuff and start the day's first load.

Still, that trip was one of the happiest months of my life.

Thanks for sharing, Natalie, and I'll be back!


Janine said...

Hey Natalie,
Love your blog!You do have a beautiful view from your apartment.
I hear you about the laundry. I think it is funny that Isabella has learned to shake out the wet clothes! (Mommy's little helper)And I know you are thinking, but you have a dryer. Yes, but I also have an Istrian husband.
Talk to you soon.

Dana said...

Dear Natalie,
Oh, did this bring back fond ... yet quirky memories?!? Can you still see our living room in your mind filled with drying racks during the winter? Then it was the balcony filled with drying racks in the summer ... with the stunning (bubbling champagne) view of the Adriatic in the background. By the way, I'm sending a mental squeeze to that little fella in front of the Barbie-sized washing machine! Keep it coming ... I am loving this and passing your blog along. D OX...

Natalie said...

olmue--I hear you on the socks. I feel the same way when I buy new towels...I savor the fluff because after I wash and hang them out to dry, they feel like sandpaper!

alison--next time you're in Venice, you'll have to swing by Trieste!

Thanks, Joan! Wanna trade washing machines?

Hi Christy--today's post (Feb. 4) answers your question...thanks for asking!

Ciao Tina...thanks for stopping by! Having lived through Italian laundering, I'm sure every day is National American Washer and Dryer Appreciation Day at your house. :-)

Hi Janine! For those who don't know Janine, she's one of my American friends here, and literally the ONLY person I know in Italy with a clothes dryer. Lucky dog.

And Dana..yes, I remember our laundry-strewn apartment well, trying to coordinate laundry with three people in the same apartment! Think of me next time you use your dryer, okay? :-)