Monday, July 07, 2008

What I'll miss about Italy (post #3)...

...walking through the citta vecchia (old city), former home of the Ancient Romans.

If you look closely at the lower left of the yellow building in the photo below, you'll see the exposed stone from the original structure. Many older houses leave that peek into the past for all to see. Here's the view of the strip of sky above me, sandwiched by the buildings in the alley:

It still amazes me that people walk these streets every day and don't pause to think about the history that surrounds them. For Italians, 300-year-old buildings are simply part of the landscape.


Barbara Y said...

When I was in Trieste, I went back to the Roman theater each day, mostly because I couldn't believe it was sitting right there, after all this time, sandwiched between an apartment block and a grocery store.

luisa from Toronto said...

....and furthermore, as you stand in these narrow streets and just listen to the 'goings on' inside the buildings you feel like you're eavesdropping into their lives....of course this is done innocently because the buildings are so close together that you cannot help but hear what the natives are doing!

Julie_c said...
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Julie_c said...

Sorry - I deleted my comment b/c I found some nasty typos in it a little too late.

What I said was:

Look at you blogging away! I'm going to have to start checking in daily.

Seems like you will be sorry to leave Italy, and for that I am sorry. When I was in high school my aunt and uncle lived in Milan so I got to go over and visit for two weeks. We even went to Venice and you're right - beautiful!

But I will be looking forward to the posts about eh kids adjusting to life over here. I bet it will be pretty comical.

And you'd better be bringing me my chocolate! (Actually, in all honesty don't. B/c I'm off chocolate now. Kip can have my share.) :)

Have a safe journey!

Natalie said...

Hi Barbara! I know what you mean about the theater. They've started putting on summer shows there in the last few summers, but before that it was completely ignored.

Ha! You're right, Luisa--it's a bit too cozy in those alleyways, isn't it?

Julie--how is it that you're off chocolate?? I'll come up with an alternative...
Yes, I'm coming up with a flurry of posts so I can get everything in before I leave. Thanks for checking back. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie!

I just found your blog and have sat here reading every post for the past 2 hours,'s really addicting and very interesting!...I can't believe now that I found it, you are coming back to the US! Figures... I happened upon it when I googled "flowers & Trieste"! I'm on a gardening kick at the moment and was trying to find out more of the types that are often seen in the baskets in Trieste. It is sooo nice to hear an American's view on Trieste & in English no less!

I discovered about two years ago that my family name and ancestors were from Trieste. I went on vacation there when I found out- soaked in everything the city had to offer and loved every minute of it. I tried to get to the archives, but they were closed that day. So, I knew I had to arrange for another trip. Come to find out last year, that my ancestors are originally from the Carso region when it was part of Austria, not the city! So, I will be going back this August specifically to visit the Carso region.We are staying in Sgonico.

I have a few questions about the Carso region for you. Don't feel you have to respond- it's only if you have the time or energy to answer ( I know with 3 kids & now moving! its probably few & far between) lol...

1) Do you know if the area has any genealogical centers/offices? Or would I have to go to each parish church, etc for information?

2) Are there antique shops up there or only in the city?

3) The osmizee- when and where would I find out about an August schedule?

4) Any places I shouldn't miss?

Thanks for any help you can provide. I really enjoyed reading your blog and have bookmarked it as a favorite :-)

Take care,

P.S. And I can totally relate to everyone one of your posts- I travel all over and I lived in Dublin, Ireland for a few years before coming back to NY.

Natalie said...

Hi Lor,

How nice to wake up today and see your post! If you'd like, drop me an email and I can answer your questions there (nlorenzi @ I'm sorry I'll miss you in August! We lived in the Carso area, too (near Basovizza). :-)