Thursday, July 03, 2008

What I'll miss about Italy (post #1)... living an hour and a half away from this floating city: ...where boats (although rarely gondolas) are the main form of transportation.

Venice is a dream destination for thousands of people around the world, and yet we can say: "Let's spend the day in Venice." And we have, countless times. The road signs on the autostrada that say: Venezia still strike me as exotic, even if they don't merit a second glance from Italians.

It was the same way for my Italian husband when we lived in Virginia--he used to see Beltway signs for Washington, D.C. and still find it hard to believe that we lived so close to such a famous city. I love Washington, but to my eyes, it can't compare to Venice.


C.R. Evers said...

Those photo's are gorgeous! I can see why you'll miss it.

I'd love to go there some day.


Natalie said...

Thanks, Christy! It's even more gorgeous in person,which means you'll have to come one day. :-)

Luisa said...

What I love about Venice is getting lost in the alleyways and trying to follow the confusing signs that say S.Marco. Everytime that I've gone I've followed a different route, and yet each one has always brought me there.
Once I was there with a friend of mine who was studying at Ca' Foscari. We had to cross a canal and she decided that the quickest way was to cross it STANDING UP in a gondola. To the locals, this was a daily ritual. To a tourist like myself, it was a harrowing experience...but fun nonetheless!

Dana said...

Knowing that you are going to be leaving lovely Trieste and heading back to America, I decided to go back and read through many (okay, just about all of them) of your entries. Oh, what fun! They were just as enjoyable the second and third time around. Thank you for bringing us little pieces of your life in Trieste, stirring up those wonderful memories, using pictures that let us "travel" so cheaply, reminding us of quirky Italian moments that make the place and people so dear, and sharing your "bubbling champagne" sense of humor. Just so you know ... as much as I will miss your ITALIAN MOMENTS, I will look forward to seeing you and your scrumptious family even more. Abbracci, Dana

Natalie said...

Luisa, getting lost is normally my specialty (I have no sense of direction at all). Everyone eventually gets lost in Venice, which makes it my kind of city!

We're excited to see you, too! You do realize that you need to make some more of your own Italian need to come back, even if it's only for a few weeks. You'd be impressed with some of the changes--the walk along Barcola is all in bricks now, the buildings in Pizza Unita have been restored. It's all waiting for you. :-)

Barbara Y said...

I'm going to miss reading your Italian Moments, but I'm so glad I had a chance to meet you when I visited Trieste last autumn. What part of the U.S. will you be living in? Maybe we can meet up again sometime.

Natalie said...

We'll be right outside of Washington D.C., Barbara. I'll still post in the summers, but until then, Italian Moments will lie dormant until then. It was great meeting you, as well, and I hope to see you back in Trieste one day! I actually passed a laundromat the other day and thought of you. :-)