Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Buon Appetito, Fido...

Most pet owners consider their dog or cat a member of the family. Nowhere is that more true than in Italy...especially when it comes to dogs.

People bring their dogs almost everywhere--in bars, stores, and restaurants--much to the delight of my children, who rush to pet any dog within a 100-meter radius. If I stop for a coffee at a bar and another coffee-drinker is accompanied by his pooch, I can pretty much count on carrying my coffee cup around with me as I try and prevent my 15-month-old from throwing himself on top of the dog.

But to really bring the Italians-love-their-dogs point home, I had to take this photo in the supermarket today. It's a big (probably a 10-pounder) bag of pasta...for dogs.

My in-laws have a pasta-eating dog, and he eats as well as we do (and when we're at my mother-in-law's, we eat well. Too well).

So pass the pesto sauce, Fido. And Buon Appetito!


YACWW Moderators said...

So that's where my mom and aunt get it from. They insist the pasta is good for the dogs. I swear the animals in our house were the best fed on the block. That must be why all the strays know to come to my mom's.


Natalie said...

Ciao Patrizia,

If people weren't so well-fed here, I'd definitely be jealous of the dogs!

:-) Natalie