Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More weird Italian baby food

Those of you who read my previous post on weird Italian baby food know that Italian bambini dine on salmon, horse and rabbit. But it's not like I hadn't heard of people eating these things--just not babies.

Then today I went grocery shopping and saw something I'd never seen before. Are you ready? Are you sure? it is:

That's right, folks...ostrich. Now, I don't know about you, but I have never heard of anyone eating ostrich, never mind babies. At least not in the U.S. and not in Italy. I bought this pack just to take the photo, but I'm definitely not feeding ostrich to my son.

Even if it does taste like chicken.


Africakid said...

That does seem bizarre! But I've heard that ostrich meat is supposed to be very lean...maybe from all that running?
(Found your blog via the Verla Kay board. Love that place!)

TinaFerraro said...

LOL, you answered my question as I read it: did you buy it for the photo op or did the poor kid have to try it? In which case I was going to suggest you go first!

I love your blog,'s really a highight of my day.

cynjay said...

Hate to tell you this, but Ostrich is getting more popular here, particularly in places like Texas and the middle bit of the country. Starting to farm them and everything.

Still not eating it though.


Natalie said...

Hi Africakid! Maybe it is lean--I never thought of it that way. But still. Ew. (P.S. I love the Verla Kay board, too!)

Hi Tina and thanks for your kind words! And I actually did throw away the jars of ostrich--I feel a little bad that an ostrich had to die for nothing, but not bad enough to actually serve it up!

Hey Cyn,
I didn't know ostrich had come into vogue! I wonder how they serve it...steaks? Ostrich burgers? Patè?